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A slate PC is a light, slim, and easy to use tablet computer. The main difference between the slates and other portable computers is that it does not have a tangible keyboard as part of its features. Slates are considered to be more of portable media players than they are computers. The most unique feature that a slate PC has is the use of touchscreen technology.

Just like other tablets Slate PCs have a small flat panel LCD screen. Apart from this, they have touchscreen features which are used to input information. This is because they do not have tangible keyboards. You can also use a stylus for input operations when using a slate tablet.

Due to their lack of a keyboard a slate is light and can be easily carried around. When you are traveling or going for long trips a slate will come in handy since it is lighter than other portable computers.

Although some tablets share the same features with other types of computers, slates are a little different. Instead of using the accustomed operating systems used in desktops and laptops, consumer and entertainment slates use unique and simplified versions of operating systems. These operating systems are easy to use and have speedy operations. Slates can be used for a variety of purposes that range from browsing the internet, to running media applications like music and videos games.

When compared to other types of computers slates have a slight disadvantage. They necessitate the use of a stylus which many people are not familiar with. This makes it difficult for people to manipulate the slates efficiently. tablet pc store

With many computer manufacturers in a war to produce tablets the use of slates is on the increase. Computer manufacturers worldwide are coming up with diverse styles of tablets to match the different needs of computer users. The different types of slates in the market also come with different features.

Currently there are a number of online stores that deal with the selling and distribution of tablet PCs for customers from different parts of the world. If you are interested in getting your own slate you can visit the online stores so as to get reviews of the slates available in the market. Before buying any device from an online store you should ensure that the store is credible and that it has a good selling history. You should also get a warranty for any technological devices that you purchase so as to ensure utmost customer security.