Weight Watchers Weight Loss Tactics: My Top rated ten

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Top ten Weight Watchers Weight Loss Techniques That Worked for Me

10. I make positive to have lots of 1 and 2 point treats in the residence. I buy weight watchers work at house and...

Not too long ago I hit my goal weight and moved to the Weight Watchers Upkeep Program. I've been thinking about it a lot as I continue to do my very best to adhere to the system, and questioning how it is I was able to shed almost 33 pounds in 8 months. So, I decided to write my Best 10 Strategies. I'll list them Dave Letterman style.

Top rated ten Weight Watchers Weight Loss Tactics That Worked for Me

10. I make certain to have lots of 1 and two point treats in the property. I perform at property and I've learned that I like to snack and nibble for the duration of the day so it really is crucial to have low point treats obtainable so I don't really feel guilty.

9. I let other individuals know (my buddies, loved ones and colleagues) what I'm operating on so they can support me and give me kudos when I succeed.

8. I share my achievement and challenges on a weblog ( This has been a fantastic outlet for me to focus myself on what I require to keep carrying out, reading and thinking about in order to stay on track.

7. I use the Weight Watchers on-line etools. I'm a nut for specifics so the on-line system is excellent for me. I operate at property and sit in front of a pc all day. It really is no dilemma for me to add my food immediately to the on-line points tracker. I also enter my weight each and every Saturday right after my weekly Weight Watchers meeting. I get an instant visual representation of how I am going as I view the graph.

6. I attend the weekly Weight Watchers meetings with out fail. I consider in eight months I've only missed two due to being out of town on enterprise and unable to get to a meeting. Even though, when I know I'm going to be out of town, I will usually at the extremely least go the day prior to and weigh in.

5. I weigh and measure my food. I learned quickly that what my eye thinks is 2 ounces normally is a lot far more. I am not constant about this but far more frequently than not I do weigh or measure what I am consuming and drinking.

4. I track my points. I write down what I eat. I hear Flora in my head saying, "You bite it, you write it." I've learned that when I slack off from writing every little thing down, I either do not lose or I obtain weight that week. Once again, my eyes are not a good judge of quantity.

3. I function out 4 instances per week. Before Weight Watchers I took Pilates classes 3 times per week. Even though I was acquiring stronger, I was not losing weight. In fact I was gaining weight due to hormones, a sedentary job and eating too considerably. I switched to two days of Pilates and two days of cardio workout. I began the cardio workout the identical day I joined Weight Watchers and I know it has make a huge distinction. Last week I even started walking to my Pilates studio since it's only a 10 minute walk. Up till now I've been driving, if you can believe that.

2. I have a buddy. My dear buddy and I joined Weight Watchers together, as well as joined the gym together. We go to the meetings together. We perform out two occasions per week together. We speak about food website and how we're doing all the time. We evangelize about Weight Watchers. Without having my buddy I do not believe I would have stayed with the system. No, I know I would not have stayed with the system.

1. And quantity 1. I created the decision to join Weight Watchers. I had heard a lot of achievement stories about Weight Watchers and following putting on 30 weight watchers discussions pounds more than the course of three years, I decided it was time to take action. I had been telling myself it was age and hormones that contributed to the weight obtain and that might be partly correct, but I had to take action and do something so I could really feel very good about myself, my physique and my health.

That's it. There are most likely much more items that could be added to this list. Now my challenge aim is to keep for 6 weeks and get to Lifetime Member.

Oh, I just remembered a single more issue I did. I read an report, I believe on Weight Watchers On the web, about rewarding yourself when you do well. So I set up a savings account and deposited $ten every single time I lost a pound. I call it the "Pamper Me" account. Now, I will add $10 each week I preserve my weight. Then, ultimately, I'll do something great to pamper myself!

Very good luck and very best wishes to you in your journey to weight loss!