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Benchmade Griptilian - Benchmade's Greatest All-Around Cutlery

The benchmade griptillian is one of Benchmade's most popular models, and for very excellent purpose. The Griptilian was my 1st good folder and, boy, did I pick a great one to begin with! The blade is 3.4" lengthy with a decently wide belly. It's not a huge knife, but is huge enough to do the job. Although I prefer a slightly larger knife for some tasks, the Grip is as large because the law permits in several states and may do whatever you need it to complete. Steel is 154CM, which was the initial greater finish stainless that I had employed.

The modified drop point was great, even though I truly possess a slight preference for a more typical drop point shape. Even so, it most likely worked too, or even better, for my purposes than a typical drop point would have.

The handles do feel a little cheap and light, but they still feel good in the hand and did the job nicely. The Grip worked nicely for every thing that I asked it to do. The size was about ideal for pocket carry as most of the time, I wear jeans, so I can effortlessly carry nearly any size knife comfortably. Even with dress pants, the fit was good.

The Axis Lock was wonderful - effortlessly the most effective lock type that I have employed (and there is not a lot more enjoyable than flipping it open and closed). The 154CM steel held an edge better than any knife that I had owned. While any stainless steel will rust beneath the right circumstances, I had no trouble with rust spots at all, and I sweat a whole lot when working. My pals could not think how sharp it was out of the box. I asked it to complete some jobs that a pocket knife truly should not have to do, and it did them simply.

The only purpose that I don't have the Grip now is because I lost it at my church's perform day, and I could have cried when I realized that it had disappeared. The knife is not inexpensive, comparatively, but well worth the value and I want to get an additional one as soon as possible! It could be one of my best selections to get a good medium folder. The Griptilian is big adequate to complete the job without getting in the way or interfering with travel. If you'd like a great multipurpose knife, get a Grip!