Using a TENS unit for chronic pain

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Using a TENS Unit For Chronic Pain

A Transcutaneous (which implies throughout the skin) Electrical Nerve Stimulator machine, thankfully shortened to a tens unit, is a small battery operated device that sends electrical impulses through wires to electrodes linked with the skin on or near the painful area. You can personally control how strong and what frequency the electrical impulse is about at. It will prickly feeling and studies suggest which the sensation distracts ones attention from pain, and functions on the principles of your Gate Theory. It transmits the electrical impulse into the large nerve fibres, and closes the 'gates' of the small nerve fibres which are sending pain signals into the brain. It is focused on the dimensions of a PDA, and it is created to be portable so usually has a clip so that you could attach it into your clothing. There exists different types of electrodes pads. There are a few that need to be used with gel there also are adhesive electrode pads. Some could cause skin irritation, however there are many types to continue. They aren't everlasting, and need replacing. It truly is safe to wear the electrode pads all day. The following groups cannot use it: When what was making will not be known or otherwise diagnosed..


Epilepsy or some kinds of complications due to heart disease.

In great britain, you'll be able to be referred to a Pain Clinic by your doctor, and if applicable, these can ensure that you get first to trial, and the pack usually deals voucher to get one at a very decent adjusted price. I had one for almost monthly, and discovered it would only function for me in short bursts. Anyone brand that we used, I applied the pads in the event the skin is slightly damp for better adhesion. You will find others though that will need the skin to get completely dry. It is important that you diligently read the instructions on your brand of TENS machine. As I've said, you can then use these TENS unit throughout the day, however there handful of restrictions to adhere to: You cannot use the tens machine While driving or operating machinery. The nurse along at the pain clinic said this situation was extremely important. God forbid something happened while driving, your insurance may possibly be invalid.

While throughout bath

While lying down

On damaged and broken skin

This is definitely a general list and not just exhaustive. While it hasn't worked for some, others have found it onto be considered a welcome relief and substitute for medication. Before trying a TENS machine you have to talk to your doctor or healthcare professional to verify it can also be utilised for your condition. Click here to learn more tens unit reviews