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Viral Graphic - Who would have thought a decade ago that social media marketing would expand so rapidly in the current commercial environment? The internet has bore many opportunities for businesses to efficiently and effectively target markets on the global scale. However, social media marketing has turned the scales and leveled the arena. Whereas the world of advertising and entertainment has been controlled by larger organisations, the free nature of social media marketing has enabled businesses of all shapes and sizes to compete successfully in local, national and international economies. Furthermore, the dwelling of power and control over the message and communication that surround a business's brand name and product offering has become the realm of people. No longer do corporate powers control what it's all about. Social media has empowered an average joe to voice their opinion; and then for it to be heard.... by millions of people. This obviously creates certain challenges for businesses inside their rhetoric marketing messages. However, those forward thinking companies have utilised social media and the new movement for interactivity to produce brand champions inside general public; word of mouth going viral.

Associated with the social media movement will be the consumer demand for more instantaneous and multimedia content; video, interactive presentations and entertainment are now demanded by the modern consumer perusing the web. This combination of communication channels and demand for multimedia content has generated opportunities for tech-savvy companies who utilise viral video campaigns to effectively communicate their message that will create hype around their products.

Viral Graphic - The use of social media and viral video content has developed into a proven method of attracting visitors to the business website, along with building networks of followers and brand champions which are essential for the continued operation and future expansion of any business. All businesses take part in various marketing activities, in numerous forms and functions. However, using interactive content combined with the sharing power of social media marketing, has become one of the most effective marketing mediums; viral video campaigns.

According to a recent report released from the Feed Company in america, their research highlights the fact that 70% of advertising agencies and media buying executives want to allocate increasing budgets to marketing with video. Furthermore, in a deeper qualitative analysis, it absolutely was found that media and business executives are turning to video content and marketing for its ability to generate views of the trademark and products, increased engagement with current and prospective customers as well as the potential reach that online media presents.

Viral Graphic - Using the growth of online and viral marketing with video activities, it is no surprise there has been a correlating increase in the need for motion graphic templates. Enabling all businesses to access affordable and creative templates which are completely customisable to represent the organization brand, a product launch or competition, using motion graphic templates continues to increase at an exponential rate. Make the big movie experience with a fraction of the cost, engage your audience and supply the interactive content that's demanded by the modern consumer by using motion graphic templates within your communication and marketing directives.

Template Digital is really a community driven motion graphics marketplace allowing buying and selling of fully customizable, royalty-free stock motion graphics for production, film, and tv network professionals. This allows post-production developers a new way to succeed in hundreds, if not thousands of potential motion graphics customers and obtain their work into video productions, and saves time and money for video productions. Additionally, it includes a developing community of post-production professionals for discussing the newest techniques with After Effects and other motion graphics software programs.