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Why You Should Social Bookmark Your Articles

A link or article that nobody sees doesn't count. It's the old tree falls in the forest adage. How can you get search engines or visitors to see your bookmarks you build backlinks to them? You can social bookmark the profile pages of one's bookmarks or write articles linking your profile page or even individual bookmarks. You may also use amplify like a do-follow twitter to notify the world about your social bookmark.

Okay if you are know how to index your bookmarks what should you make use of your bookmarks for? You should use do-follow link sharing websites to construct links to your articles and websites. If the social linkbuilding site has revenue sharing enabled you can also make money from your bookmarks. The quickest way to get a page indexed by the search engines is to get a do-follow link from another page already indexed on the internet. If your websites or articles aren't indexed nobody will read them and you won't make any money! Even if your articles already are indexed you can use social bookmark to build one way links towards the page.

What features in the event you look for in a social bookmark making site? First, disregard the Page Rank of the site. The Page Rank is only a tool to measure the progress of a site. You would like to see a social bookmarking site that's constantly improving in page ranking and getting more and more links to a domain. So you want to look for Social Bookmarking site having a high Page Rank velocity. Second, consider the internal link structure, you can't realistically be expected to create links to every individual bookmark. You need your social bookmark to be interconnected by way of a profile page and then for all your bookmarks to link to that profile page.