Three Simple Way To Quit Affiliate Link Hijackers

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There are several techniques to earn an honest buck making use of the Net, whilst others just attempt to discover the best deals achievable. There was a time when people that were surfing the Net were more prone to click on affiliate link cloak the affiliate links and buy stuff without having thinking as well a lot of it. Not it seems that the factors are a tiny bit diverse, due wordpress affiliate to the reality that the prices are greater than they had been before and some people attempt to "Hijack" the commissions by replacing the ID of the affiliate links with their ID.

Lets suppose that you have an affiliate link such as www.productdomain . com/?affID, and the hijacker will replace your link with his ID, which is "newID": www.productdomain . com/?newID. This is how he manages to take the funds that is rightfully yours.

There are also cases when the hijacker will replace your ID from the link. The visitors will be redirected to the plain URL and buy the merchandise they discover there, without even seeing your ID (it would look like www.productdomain . com). In both circumstances, you will loose your commission.

Here are handful of suggestions that could aid any affiliate enterprise to fight back those "hijackers" and avoid them to ever "chop" your affiliate link. Those are wonderful suggestions, but if a person truly tries to steal your commission, it may well succeed, lastly.

TIP #1

You can use a java script redirect page in order to hide the affiliate link. Right here is exactly where your affiliate link can be located and the buyers can have access to your items. This is a great way to avoid a maximum exposure of your affiliate link in emails or ezine advertisements, until the consumer is redirected to the true affiliate link, where your ID is also viewable.

Right here is an example of how cans this be carried out: . com/productA.html , and the ID can be seen in the address bar "productdomain". Even if the hijackers can lastly access your affiliate link, they will not access it straight from your web sites or newsletters. The totally free redirect scripts are offered normally with cost-free java scripts.

TIP #2

You can also use a zero-frame that will hide the affiliate link and give the link tracking impression that you redirect folks to one of the pages of your website. This technique is employed by the redirect services as "sub-domains" and you will be given an URL such as . com .

TIP #three

The most effective way to shield you affiliate hyperlinks is to use affiliate link cloaker software program. Guests will be redirected to some thing that looks like your web page but pulls in the affiliate link such as the sub-folder services. (Here is the url example of how it would look: . com/recommends/productA).

Therefore, in no way send a "naked" link via the affiliate programs. There are usually hijackers waiting for this, and they might take your commission with no you eve being aware of it.