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Bell Revolver Helmet - Safety First

Are Europeans that lazy that they cannot be bothered to remove their glasses for a moment to put on a full-face helmet? Is their need to smoke a cigarette so fantastic that they should design a helmet to facilitate them performing so at each stoplight? Is Europe just a bunch of small countries filled with individuals who share a collective desire to reenact the dark ages replete with suits of armor and helms?

Our Bell Revolver came to us in the Matte Black color which had a really nice, smooth finish.

The overall shape of the bell revolver helmet fits in well with the rest of Bell's new helmets; a nice blend of creases and curves. The Revolver has Bell's “Velocity Flow Ventilation” system and, like the rest of Bell's lineup, it flows a decent amount of air - although it doesn't have any brow vents which cuts down somewhat on the total volume of air moved via the helmet.

Apart from becoming able to go all Transformerish the Revolver also has an additional converting trick up it is proverbial sleeve; a hidden sunshade. In contrast to the one fitted to the Nolan helmet we tested a couple years back, this one actually comes down far enough to permit you to look through the middle of it and not through the distorted lower edge.

The Bell Revolver has a distinctive stance with regards to the open position of the chin bar. The chin bar locks open at an angle that's just slightly lower than 90 degrees. This coupled with the fairly flat/straight style of the chin bar, causes the chin bar - when in the open position - to double as a visor. As a matter of reality, using the chin bar raised the Revolver reminds me of a three quarter helmet with a visor - kinda cool! The other aspect of the shape and positioning of the chin bar when opened is that it is somewhat aerodynamic and doesn’t produce the aforementioned “sail effect”. While testing the helmet I was able to ride with it in the raised position at 65mph without any discomfort and that is on a motorcycle with minimal wind deflection.