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Are you searching for Gatorade coupons? Gatorade printable coupons can provide you with dollars off savings that can help lighten your wallet the next time you stock up on sports drinks. Gatorade coupons can be found on a variety of websites, including coupon blogs. Certain supermarket websites that offer weekly ads may also allow you to print Gatorade coupons directly from their official website. View the latest press releases from Gatorade.

Gatorade was created in 1965 by a team of University of Florida physicians as a way to replenish the fluids, electrolytes and carbohydrates the school’s football players lost while playing in the heat. The team immediately began winning, finishing the 65′ season 7-4. In 1966 the team went 9-2, prompting other school’s athletic departments to take notice. Soon, other teams had adopted the drink, and today Gatorade is the official sports drink for more than 70 division 1 athletic programs. Find available coupons and deals.

About Gatorade Coupons Gatorade offers printable coupons to customers that provide dollars off savings on specific products. These coupons are offered at various times throughout the year, and often coincide with promotions for a specific Gatorade sports drink. Most printable coupons do have expiration dates, so check the back of your coupon before trying to redeem.

How To Get Printable Gatorade Coupons 1. It can be printed directly from the official websites of certain retailers offering the discount in their weekly ads.

2. Coupon websites and blogs also offer coupons that can be downloaded and printed online. Google these websites and check them frequently for all the latest Gatorade coupons and promotions.

3. You can also follow Gatorade on Twitter and Facebook for all the latest product news and offers, including coupon information.