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The Surface Festival is a live music event which occurs in 16 cities across Europe, and has been developed to identify new music talent. More than 500 shows per year take spot, showcasing music from a large range of unsigned artists playing a wide spectrum of music. The festival is a great platform for unsigned artists, as they are given the opportunity to play in front of big crowds, whist unsigned simultaneously getting into into a music competition which could potentially permit them to win a recording contract.

Competitors must be an unsigned band, and can consist of either solo artists unsigned bands exposure or groups. It is essential to note that all band members have to be over the age of 16 on the day of the gig. In order to apply for the festival, applicants simply require to apply online giving a handful of fundamental speak to particulars. Effective applicants will then be contact by an region manager, who can answer any questions the band might have, and also book the initial gig.

In the course of the gig, bands are encouraged to play their personal original material, despite the fact that cover songs are allowed to be played. By singing original material, new bands are truly able to show their music talents to their complete potential and attract new fans who could take pleasure in their particular style of music.

As Surface Festival is a music competition, it is topic to the inevitable scoring program. The system works on a 75:25 basis, with 75% of the final score coming from the judges’ points and the remaining 25% coming from text votes. Text votes can be cast from fans who might not have been in a position to attend the gig in individual, but who still wish to support the band. There are five stages in total to the music competition, with the final stage being an international showcase. The fifth stage includes the final 28 artists performing in front of an independent industry panel, and the winning band will be chosen from a combination of text votes as properly as the votes of the committee of sector guests.

The competition winners can walk away with a extended list of exciting prizes. These incorporate a totally free single and album release, a free of charge photo shoot, slots at different gigs, gear such as rigging, totally free sales promotion plus numerous other fabulous prizes to aid the band on the road to good results. These bands who came in second and third place also win magnificent prizes unsigned to take away with them.