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Guidance on the safe using of Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) for musculosketal pain during pregnancyTENS Machine and PregnancySafe for only a mother and her baby, the TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) machine is truly a drug free method of relieving labor pain. TENS is truly a device that sends low frequency electronic pulses in the skin to limit pain signals from sent to the mental performance. It may also stimulates pain killing hormones called endorphins. For one pregnant woman, the pulses inhibit pain messages which are from the cervix and womb, thereby reducing pain.A TENS machine sends electrical pulses to specific areas at the back using wires and three or four small adhesive pads with electrodes. The electrodes are connected by wires into a battery operated pulsar. Two pads are placed below the bra line and two are placed above the panty line. A pregnant woman uses a handheld control and delivers gentle electric currents which see position of a typical electrodes. According to the intensity of your pain, a female can control the pace and strength of the a digital signal.TENS machines have two currents for your childbirth process. A stronger current employed during contractions along with a lighter current is used between contractions. When a TENS machine serves on a high pulse rate it prompts your pain 'doorway' to shut. This prevents this pain signal from reaching the health of the brain. As soon as the machine is ready upon the low pulse rate, our bodies is stimulated into releasing its own endorphins.TENS very effective when used at the start labor. This allows for your early increase of pain killing endorphins. Whenever the appropriate current strength has been attained, the constructive effects are immediate. The longer the delay in employing the TENS, the less efficient the stimulator may possibly be.Advantages and benefits of tens Pregnancy machines are numerous and include:- The customer's has control over the electronic passion - They may be portable so one maintains mobility as they make use of it - You are able to add other drugs with zero fear of any reply - You will find no unwanted effects with the mother and kid - TENS machines are actually used successfully for controlling between of other conditions for instance headaches, back pain, insomnia and postpartum depression.Many mothers are uncomfortable with using pain medication during labour tens mainly because they bother about drowsiness which means they are they cannot nurse or bond properly for several hours after the birth. With TENS machines, there exists no such concerns as the machines may be used safely throughout the entire labor process without negative side effects. Many ladies report a pleasant feeling when using a TENS machine. Although it produces a gentle "pins and needles' feeling, most women have said they feel a tingling sensation that isn't painful.A number of issues to concentrate on during my use of the TENS machine include:- TENS should be used from the 37th week of pregnancy. - Do not use TENS within the water for instance when showering or in a birthing pool. - Usually do not use TENS when driving, riding a bike, or operating machinery. - Having the electrodes connected to your back prevents your back from massaged. Back massages are traditional kinds of pain remedy during labor. - Discuss with a medical expert before using TENS in case you have a pacemaker, heart condition, or epilepsy - Electrodes is not recommended to be placed upon the abdomen. - Should you be having your labor induced, start the TENS machine about 45 minutes in advance of induction.A hospital would possibly not have a TENS machine thus it is vital that you check with the hospital to check out whenever they possess a machine available. For those who intend to make use of a pregnancy tens machine, you can rent one coming from a reputable company. Consult with your physician or hospital to identify a TENS machine.Many females are getting to be uncomfortable with all the increase using of pain medications during labor. Women are now attempting to find alternative and tactic to alleviate pain involved with childbirth. The TENS machine is quickly turning into a popular choice for natural pain alleviation. In the case you are in need of a natural birth experience then TENS is regarded as a pain relief method worth careful consideration.Find provider of any variety of good quality electronic Muscle Stim devices and TENS and EMS devices for at home use