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Temple Operate is actually the state of the art next era of Mobile games. Temple Operate is an astonishingly addictive sport that features stunning graphics, challenging levels and an great game play knowledge for any player! In Temple Run you play as a treasure hunter who’s on the escape right after stealing a top secret idol from an historic temple. A Single issue is specific – If you like adrenalin rush then this is your game!

Use your particular powers to avoid hazards and cheat loss of life time and time again! Gather all coins and unlock hidden treasures, all although working your ass off in a velocity which wouldn’t shame a cheetah! Don’t forget to stretch your legs before you start, cause you’re gonna run like a madman!

Temple Run Download

Run For Your Life!

In Temple Run, you play as a treasure hunter who just stole a very precarious idol from an historical temple. In the second you obtain the idol, the evil forces of nature will be unleashed upon you, and you’ll have to run for expensive life. Use your special powers ups and athletic talents to dodge, jump, duck and run away from innovative booby traps, evil monkeys, and other hazards all in consistent substantial speed that will surely get your blood stress pumping!

Temple Operate Features

exciting recreation play, difficult levels, wonderful graphics, awesome soundtrack and cool story! Flip your iPhone into a genuine gaming console!