Telescopic Ladders: The Telesteps 50133 Red Line 3.3m Model

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Typical homeowners often find themselves facing a backlog of DIY projects waiting for them to be finished. Despite of all the pressure you may be experiencing from your extensive list of tasks, however, it is vital for you to ensure your safety while you work. This involves having the right tools for the job. One example of a tool that does not receive enough attention is the ladder. Yet, the ladder is a key component in many projects. It is normal for some homeowners to be capable of finishing some of their work because the length of their ladder is not enough. How good would it be if there is a ladder that can be easily adjusted to provide a variety of lengths? Read on to learn more about telescopic ladders, and one model we're quite partial to.

The Advantages of Using Telescopic Ladders

Telescopic ladders are the perfect tool for those who don't have enough storage space at home. This ladder is also easy to handle and transport because each of its section can be collapsed into the larger section below it, giving it a compact form. These ladders are lightweight yet strong at the same time because they are usually made from aluminium or aluminium alloy. Make sure that all the sections of this ladder are locked securely in place before using it. Since metals, which includes aluminium conduc electric current, it is not wise to work near any electrical sources when using it. For tasks that require electrical work, timber or glass fibre ladders are the best choice.

More About the Telesteps 50133 Red Line Model of Telescopic Ladders

Expect to spend around 160 british pounds for this high quality ladder which is 60 british pounds less than its original RRP . This ladder is made from only quality materials and are manufactured to comply with the same standards followed by other ladders of its range. The innovative design of this ladder applies advanced technology and ensures that it is safe to use. We are particularly pleased with the locking mechanism of the 50133 which is strong and sure. In fact, each tread has its own manual lock. Once you reach the desired height when deploying the ladder, it's a simple matter just to not unlock the remaining sections, i.e., leave them in the collapsed telescopic position.

Important Features of the Telesteps 50133 Model of Telescopic Ladders

This is definitely a ladderh that can be used in any type of situation. This ladder is both stable and stiff when finally deployed to its desired height. The ladder allows the user to reach a height of 3.3m, and collapses into a size that's just 78cm in height. This quality makes it the perfect tool for different DIY tasks and projects. Since this ladder can be extended step by step, you as a user will be provided with a safe angle for descending and climbing as well as the right working height. It has precision made aluminium tubes to ensure perfect fit. This offers the right stability that the homeowner needs. It has treads that are 40mm in width.

Telescopic ladders is perfect for homeowners who needs a versatile tool for the variety of DIY tasks they need to complete.