Taking a look at the Euro 2012 Championships

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The Euro 2012 Championships will probably be co-hosted by Poland and Ukraine. The event may be the last just one for being sixteen groups because the next just one in 2016 will increase to 24 groups. Poland and Ukraine defeated Italy and Croatia/Hungary to the ideal to host the tournament.

The matches will generally be split 50/50 involving the two hosts. Polish cities to have games might be Warsaw, Gdansk, Wroclaw and Poznan. The Ukrainian venues might be Kiev, Lviv, Kharkiv and Donetsk.

The ultimate will require place in Kiev which can also have a semi-final. This will be in the Olimpiysky Nationwide Sports activities Advanced which immediately after building will likely be certainly one of the premier stadiums and sporting complexes inside the planet. The brand new stadium in Warsaw is likewise under development and claims for being a commence in the art venue.

The draw for your event has presently been carried out and qualifying matches will start adhering to the 2010 World Cup. Each individual on the nine team winners plus the best runner-up will obtain direct entry to the tournament. Next which the other eight runner-up will probably be drawn into two-legged playoffs.

From Team A you'd believe Germany and Turkey can be much too powerful with Austria and Belgium remaining the contenders.

Group B appears to be like to be a 3 way race involving Russia, Slovakia and Ireland.

In Team C it looks prefer it will probably be straightforward for Italy and Serbia. France will be the favored from Group D with Romania investigating the one to choose 2nd.

There is a northern European really feel to Team E where it needs to be Netherlands and Sweden.

Croatia and Greece are the favorites with regards to Group F as are England and Switzerland for Team G.

From Group H it seems to be like Portugal and Denmark and finally from Team I it might seem to be Spain plus the Czech Republic.

Qualifying ends in Oct 2011 by which time excitement and anticipation for the Euro 2012 event shall be nicely and certainly underway.

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