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Detail Review On iPage Hosting

ipage hosting reviews - Instead of providing plenty of different web hosting plans, iPage offers just one web hosting plan, namely the Essential Plan. At the cost of USD3.50 monthly, iPage users obtain a hosting account with unlimited storage and data capacity. iPage hosting is ranked top on many hosting review sites and charts as a result of various reasons. Our list below shows some great benefits of iPage hosting. Why should you go With iPage Hosting

Cheapest Hosting

The cost of iPage hosting package is lower than USD5 per month - USD3.50 monthly to be exact. This makes iPage one of the cheapest hosting service across the Internet. If you are searching for any low cost host, we don’t see why you need to read any futher, go with iPage already. ;)

Very Reliable Hosting

Not too only iPage is affordable, their hosting services are very reliable too. The business operations are backed by several factors - such as a great network experience of advance redundancy protection and the servers are monitored 24/7.

Unlimited Hosting

Unlimited hosting means users just like you and me can add unlimited domains into iPage hosting accounts. This can be a very good feature for many who owns multiple domains.

Quality After Sales Service

ipage hosting reviews - iPage supplies non-stop technical and pre-sale customer supports. As exisitng users or potential customers, you could contact the support department using their toll-free telephone number, live chat, or support ticketing system. Plus case you're the sort of webmasters who wish to solve the issue on your own, iPage provides a huge knowledgebase and a lot of online video tutorials within their documentation section.


iPage employs a very popular and efficient user interface for its hosting account, namely, vDeck. vDeck is known of its user-friendliness and vDeck 4 could very well be the next most-use control panel in shared web hosting market.

Money Back Guarantees

iPage hosting provides 30 days full refund money-back guarantee and implement pro-rated refund policy for all customers who've exceed the first Thirty days trial period. In other words, which means you can always cancel your iPage hosting account any time you want, even it really is after your free trial. iPage Complaints: What Is Bad About iPage Hosting

iPage hosting just has one problem

iPage provides restricted hosting choice. In fact, mentionened above previously, iPage only has one website hosting plan - the primary Plan, the industry shared web hosting plan. For those who need another thing, for example VPS or dedicated server hosting plan, iPage is a no-go. Who Is going With iPage

ipage reviews - Who is recommended to make use of iPage Well basically virtually everyone who owns a tiny to mid-sized website can (and should) go with iPage. Is iPage an excellent host Our experience tell us that this is really a no-brainer - Yes, you need to go with iPage hosting. We presume that the company which can be hosting more than one million websites on the servers cannot be it is a shame.