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Weber Grills - Awesome Grilling Power In your Reach

I have always loved grilling, I guess most men do. I recall my father, bundled against the cold, grilling burgers on a single of these old Weber grills in the center of January. There is something satisfyingly primitive about firing up the Weber and charring some meat for the family. It ties us to the forebears that hunted the meat and grilled it on the huge roaring fire, it can make men seem like men.

I always called the Weber grill the gateway to cooking. Weber grills are the manly version from the stovetop plus they call to a man to cook on them. Their siren song leads us to prepare after which lead us farther down the cooking path.

You start out in your twenties, and among those the small grills that can barely handle four burgers at the same time in the backyard of your apartment. You throw parties for your friends and receive compliments in your grilling. You may also look for a woman that is impressed together with your budding culinary skills.

Weber One Touch Gold Charcoal Grill

Perhaps that woman is the one and the two of you decide to start a life together. Then you definitely get a little more comfortable and also you upgrade to 1 from the big kettle Weber's that can easily handle a dozen patties or more. The parties grow larger and much more sophisticated, though your burgers continue to be popular.

Obviously having a grill like that you need to up your game and you tentatively start looking at recipes that need actual kitchen time. You begin to discover sauces and marinades and then sides that don't need your Weber at all.

The next thing you know you have one of the gas fired six burner Weber's in your deck and you will grill anything on that baby. You are able to roast a turkey on your Weber for Thanksgiving, or cook a ham for Christmas. Should you actually want to you can hard boil the eggs for Easter.

Weber Q320

Now of course you are a grill-master and not that, you are able to cook other things too. If you still love your Weber, you can also braise on a stove top or broil in the oven. You may make sauces and sides and casseroles and just about other things.

If anyone asks you still consider yourself and guy that may grill a mean steak on his grill, but you really are in fact a cook. It all begins with among those little four burger Weber grills on your patio, gateway I say to you.