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Website Performance Tips for new Google Algorithms

As you know, Google includes website performance in its algorithms. I don’t know how much weight this factor has for SERPs but it counts.

If you are completely new to optimizing your website for speed, here are some tips from Yahoo:

You can check your site performance on this page:

It is really great tool as it shows not just the total download time but breaks it into files and processes.

To the point now. I had the CSS sprite URLs placed in an external stylesheet. Because of this, browser first loaded the page code, then the stylesheet, and then the sprites. I have found a way to make browsers load anything at the very moment the page code finishes downloading. You just have to create an internal stylesheet with some dummy classes including the sprite URLs in the head section of the page. Example: HTML Code:

<style type="text/css"> .dummybackground:url('') </style>

You may say it’s not important but I was able to decrease the average loading times of my website by 20-30% by just using this method.

Hope this tip will help you to make a small SERP improvement completely free of charge.