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Numerous households have decks or patio areas that are accessible by a stair case located outdoors. For those with circumstances that have an effect on their mobility, an outdoor stair case can present a daunting challenge. Luckily, there are a lot of possibilities available for those that need to have an outdoor stair lift.

All stair lifts are composed of 4 basic components the track, the drive train, the chassis, and the seat. The drive train is located inside of the chassis and consists of the gears or pulleys that propel the chassis and seat up and down the track. The drive train can be either rack and pinion or cable driven. Rack and pinion systems utilize gears and a toothed rail along the track. Cable driven systems use a high strength aluminum cable that is wound about a pulley inside of the chassis.

The stair lift track is the portion that is truly mounted to the stairs and structural steel fabricators supports the weight of the chassis, seat, and rider. Based on the type of stair lift, the track also homes the toothed gears for rack and pinion lifts and the high strength cable for the cable driven lifts.

The chassis consists of the electric motor that moves the lift up the rail. The seat is mounted on top of the chassis enclosure and generally folds up even though not in use.

There are a couple of variables to consider when installing a stair lift on an existing stair case. Specific attention should be paid to the material that the methods are constructed from. Concrete actions will call for different sorts of fasteners than wooden steps. Also, the length of the stair case ought to be measured in order to obtain an accurate price tag quote from a distributor. Every stair lift track is custom cut to the residence owners specifications and the length will influence the final price of the stair lift.

For a straight stair case, a stair lift is a safe and economical answer but for outdoor use the chassis and track of the stair lift must be sealed to shield against the components. Also, the seat should be of a marine grade vinyl or comparable material to withstand sunlight and moisture. Most outdoor models also contain a cover for the seat so that it is protected when not in use.