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Probiotics for Health, Well-Being and Weight Loss

Not only decades, however for centuries, many cultures have recognised the advantages of Probiotics even if they weren't conscious of the word.

Many societies have included fermented and pickled foods within their diets to enhance and keep intestinal health. It is now, in modern times that people are in the best necessity of Probiotic supplements towards the western diet to aid the intestinal flora that is being diminished by chemical residues within the foods we regularly consume and also the drugs prescribed for illness and disease.

Most are conscious that Anti-biotics, as the name suggests, kills bacteria. These drugs are not selective as they kill the good, health promoting bacteria in the gut as well as the bad. We may disregard the fact that we are able to inadvertently absorb antibiotics by eating the meat or drinking the milk from animals raised in farming practices that routinely begin using these drugs as growth promoters and disease preventers.

It's astounding to realise there is a greater quantity of bacteria in our bodies that cells. But these little critters are in risk and few realize that bacteria need to be replaced regularly to prevent disease.

The defense mechanisms is compromised as up to 90% in our immune system is found in the gut wall. When we damage those good bacteria, we also damage our immune system and are vulnerable to disease. This can be the reason for 'leaky gut syndrome'

Probiotic Supplement

Other indications of the over use of antibiotics, steroids or unbalanced intestinal flora, with no rebalancing by a Probiotic can include Candida, allergies, mood swings, chronic pain, athlete's foot, headaches, bladder infections, ibs, and PMS.

Research completed in the Ukraine has found that a supplement of Probiotics greatly benefit children suffering eczema and dermatitis. Other studies have discovered that kids with ADHD or attention deficit disorders have responded favorably after a span of Probiotics.

Weight reduction can be achieved once the Probiotic bacteria energizes the body's metabolic process and cleans the bowel of excess feces. When our digestion is efficient at absorbing the nutrition in the food we eat and eliminating the waste better, we are rewarded with an rise in energy. This energy enables us to feel fitter and move more freely, compounding the positive effects in our healthier digestive and elimination processes.

We want friendly bacteria to assimilate the nutrition from our food and any supplements we choose in addition to minimize the disease causing bacteria. It is all a matter of balance. Healthy gut flora actually creates vitamins K2 and B daily to keep the right amounts of those nutrients.

The choice of a Probiotic needs to be considered carefully. Only fermented foods that have not been pasteurized may have sufficient amounts of colony-forming bacteria to be of benefit.

Bacteria are only able to rise in number much more colonies. If they have been shaken apart to be counted, they'll be not able to rise in numbers to work.

Pasteurization heat kills the bacteria and makes commercial yoghurt of little value like a Probiotic. Capsules might be eliminated before they have a chance to be absorbed and tablets will undergo heats in excess of 450C so they can be compressed to their forms.

The active bacteria also require a meal source to survive before we ingest them. This could be called a PRE-biotic and is important to an energetic Probiotic. It might be only a matter of days before you will spot the benefits of Probiotic for your system. After regular use, the skin will end up clearer and your energy levels increased. Continued use within the next several weeks into months could see excess weight begin to melt off. You can just imagine the spring inside your step whenever you regain your health!