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As we all know, modern cars are full of gadgets and equipment that make life easier while driving. Of course, this mostly goes for new cars and if you've spent some more money on extended accessories.

But when you drive a used car, the situation is different. Most used cars don't have that much basic accessories (especially if you bought it cheap). Also, the interior of the used car is usually worn out and can possibly have that funny smell.

It all ends up that your not a very happy driver when you sit in your car. I mean everything is OK and working fine, the drive is not bad, your safe, but you still don't have that "king of the castle" feeling in your car.

Many accessory manufacturers deal with these kinds of problems. There is an abundance of these products on the market and going inside one of these shops is like letting a kid into a candy store. You usually end up by spending a lot of money and using only ten percent of what you've bought.

To avoid these kind of situations, here's some tips on what to buy to make you feel better in your car:

1. Air freshener- by a quality one, as they have mostly mild aromas that don't cause nausea while driving. Having a nice odor in your car not only makes you feel better but the passengers also.

2. Arm rest- if you've driven long distances, you've probably noticed that it wouldn't be a bad thing if you could rest your right arm, or lean on the side a bit. The arm rest is perfect for that. You can buy it for a fair price and the installation is simple. Most arm-rests are retractable and offer additional space in the cabin (for keys, documents, etc).

3.Auto upholstery- the seats on most used cars are in bad shape. If there aren't any holes, scratches or torn-up parts, then the original fabric is pale from usage, sun etc. Changing the upholstery can make a world of change, there is a wide variety of colors, fabrics and even with heating. You can combine this with new foot-pads.

4. Cosmetic spray for plastics- mostly a silicone based spray that revives the look of your plastic. You can apply it when you wash your car (not every time) and rub it in with a cloth. The effect is nice as you'll get the plastic in good looking shape again. Most sprays have in it a nice aroma which makes the effect even better.

5. Steering wheel and gear knob: this is a rather costly option, as custom steering wheels aren't cheap. But you can find a nice half plastic-half wood steering wheel for a reasonable price. The variety of the gear knobs is endless so it's up to you. It would be nice for the steering wheel and gear knob to be alike.

This is only a portion. As I've said, it's an individual thing. Just don't get carried away and loose taste. That costs money and makes you and your car look bad.

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