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Alpine CDA 9856 - Great Audio In Your Vehicle

This is the very best stereo I've ever had. The sound quality is excellent (even using the factory speakers in my Civic). The best function is that I had a wire run into my glove compartent so my iPod hooks directly towards the stereo...much better than the awkw...ard fm transmitter dock I was using. I was worried concerning the speed of the iPod controls on the deck. I had read a number of bad reviews of the Pioneer iPod interface adapter. The typical complaint was that controlling the iPod from the cd deck was painfully slow. Since I have 45 GB of music in my iPod, I did not want scrolling through music to be a problem. The sales associate in the shop assured me that scrolling through tunes would be quick and easy. I'm sooo glad I listened to him. Simple to use, great sound, pleased customer! Read more Less

I just recently purchased and installed one of those bad boyz. The high quality is top notch, but it is a bit as well much energy for my Infinity Refference speakers. This alpine cda 9856 is greatest for somebody who is preparing on or already has a subwoofer. It is a powerful deck!

I'd suggest alpine even if you didnt want ipod connectivity simply because it's such a good brand. I've utilized JVC, Sony, Pioneer in the past and alpine sounds much better than all of them.

The ipod interface is unmatched by any other car audio company, period. it is the only business that offers full speed ipod manage (no lag through an external ipod adapter, which can price up to $100) and an extreemly easy to use interface.

The ipod controls are nearly precisely what you see on your ipod screen (that is replaced by an "///ALPINE" Logo when plugged in and tucked away in a glove box) except there is only one line of text. You are able to do artist searches, playlist searches, song searches all withot lag. And yes, there's a method to just shuffle all the songs on the ipod. The ID3 tag information is displayed on the display also.

The only factor i could recomend apart from this head unit, will be the CDA 9857 simply because it features a 2 line display (a dot-matrix style display) but i couldnt justify spending an extra $150 just for that (that's, indeed, the only difference). The single line display does just fine.