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AccuQuilt GO Fabric Cutter - Quick Evaluation

We've featured numerous tutorials that incorporate appliqué or start with distinctive shapes, like a heart or small circles and squares. Often, probably the most time consuming part of the entire project is drawing and cutting all those shapes. And they just by no means seem to turn out as smooth as well as as you'd like.

This product has a fairly high price tag (about $350 most places we looked), so you probably need to be performing some severe cutting to create it worth your whilst. Nevertheless, the accuracy and ease with which you are able to crank out squares and rectangles and hearts and flowers, and ... and ... and... tends to make me want one regardless of what. Heck, I'll determine new projects just to use the shapes.

You merely layer your fabric on the die surface, cover with their cutting mat, and run through the whole unit through the rollers. It's extremely easy to crank the handle, which turns the rollers and moves the die through to cut your fabric. You can cut multiple layers of fabric at as soon as; the quantity of layers will depend on the thickness of your fabric.

The cutter comes with one GO! Fabric Cutting Die, featuring three shapes: Square-4 1/2"; Square-2 1/2"; Half Square-2"; and a Completed Triangle (cuts four shapes). You also get a 10" x 10" cutting mat. Plus, the whole unit folds up and magnetically latches. There is a carry handle, and at just 15 pounds, you could certainly take it with you wherever you go. Maybe you could take it to a film as a little treat for performing all that cutting for you personally!

Adore to quilt but hate to cut? The accuquilt go fabric cutter is 90 per cent faster than utilizing a rotary cutter or scissors, provides accurate cuts each time and cuts numerous layers in seconds - as much as six at one time! It’s easy and safe to make use of; portable and simple to shop, and you’ll appreciate no more backaches, cut fingers or errors. No matter what your expertise level, the GO! Fabric Cutter will make quilting even more pleasant.