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One of the biggest retailers in the UK, Tesco, has added yet another application to its list of iPhone software. It is a barcode scanner, which will allow users to easily add almost any item to their delivery basket, and order and receive the products without having to leave their house. This is seen as an added convenience since it permits busy professionals and parents to order whatever they are running low on, without having to browse through a large list of tescos products until they find the items that they need. The barcode scanner application will work with the vast majority of grocery products, allowing them to be added to the consumer's virtual basket with a single click. Once the list is complete, the user can send the order and wait for its delivery.

All other apps that Tesco has added to the Apple iTunes App Store have been met well by the consumers and downloaded by millions of users. The app is free and everyone that has the Tesco Grocery will be notified about the availability of this new addition. On the technical side, the software requires iOS 4.0 update in order to work. The chief executive of claims that this application is the first of its kind and not offered by any of other large shopping supermarkets, and will make the lives of busy moms and professionals much easier. In order to be used, the scanner has to be held close to the bar code label, where the bar code is upright, and shadows and glare should be avoided since they can prevent the label from being scanned. The initial quick test have proven that the application recognizes and reads most of the item's labels, while the retailer has announced that for now the larger items, which are delivered by Tesco Direct business, will not be available to this app.