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Printer cartridges are generally used at home and in the office, but stains resulting from a leaking cartridge could be difficult to remove from clothing and carpets. Here are a few thoroughly tested methods for remove ink stains caused by printer cartridges.

Carpet Stains: The biggest thing to remember when treating any type of stain is to treat it as fast as possible. If an ink stain is allowed to dry, it will be much harder to remove. When there is lots of ink on the carpet, the residue should be scraped away removing ink stains manually before treating the stain. A bit of cardboard or a plastic ruler is great for this. The area should then be treated with rubbing alcohol, if that is available. The alcohol should first be applied to a cloth or towel and then the stained area of carpet should be gently dabbed with the cloth to dissolve the blemish. The area must always be dabbed, rather than rubbed, because the motion of rubbing will spread further.

When there is no rubbing alcohol available, a mixture of carpet-safe detergent and water could possibly be applied to the area, utilising the same method as described above. Washing up liquid or soap is ideal, as it is unlikely to damage the carpet. The region should be dabbed until no more ink is coming away on the cloth. Then, a clean towel, cloth or paper towel must be used to blot the region dry, continuing with new towels if ink is still coming out of the carpet.