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Social Bookmarking - One of the most prominent types of marketing on the net today is social bookmarking. Yet, I feel as though getting a handle about it might be too difficult for only the average internet marketer.

Social bookmark creating has a lot more to do with social dynamics of computer does with online marketing. The entire idea behind a social bookmarking site is to bookmark your preferred sites, and share them with others.

Social Bookmarking - The very concept of sharing something that's awesome has existed for centuries, especially on the web. And to use social bookmarking well, you need to understand some rudimentary social concepts.

1. Social bookmark creating can, to some degree, actually hurt your business

A lot of internet marketers believe that just because their site is bookmarked, plenty of people will see the website and go to it, cash-in-hand.

This simply is not the case.

In fact, by bookmarking some sites, you're pushing more people from them.

Social Bookmarking - Let me explain: if someone views your bookmarked site, and does not like it, they will naturally desire to keep it away from others (particularly if it contains anything close to a scam or an online product promotion). Just because more people are looking at your internet site, doesn't mean more people will in fact go to your site and get your products.

2. Social bookmark creating isn't about bookmarking, it's really down to sharing.

If all you could do is bookmark all of your sites, you won't see a good deal of result.

The idea behind social bookmark submitting is similar to the idea behind Facebook or YouTube, people desire to share what they like.

Should you post an interesting website, with cool and useful content, and someone discusses your site, they will send it to any or all their friends and family. Then when they like it, they will carry out the same.

Social Bookmarking isn't about bookmarking, it's really down to starting a chain reaction which will lead you to gigantic profits.

That is why you need to keep one specific thing in mind: bookmark your passions, not your small business.

Social Bookmarking - When you bookmark your casual blog, or your favorite web page, you are bookmarking something because you like it and want to share it with other people. By that very principle, others will do the same.

So don't bookmark your current website, with millions of information that might not interest anyone, bookmark your recent article about new philosophical findings, or perhaps your latest "book of the week" award.

Bookmarking is just sharing on a larger scale, so share something of worth.