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Why Book A Hotel In Ipswich?

Ipswich has much to offer the tourist. Situated a short train ride from London, the town has both historic interest and modern amenities. A plethora of accommodating hotels in Ipswich offer the traveller a place of luxury and comfort from which they might set out to explore this fascinating Suffolk town.

For those planning a wedding, Ipswich makes the perfect venue. Located at the mouth of the River Orwell, its docks and timber frame buildings make a romantic setting ideal for bridal processions and wedding photographs. Hotels in Ipswich offer spacious and well appointed venues for the ceremony, reception and/or wedding breakfast. The hotels can cater for all sizes of party, from 20 guests to 120, with exquisite food served by an AA rosette awarded chef. As well as a beautifully renovated Honeymoon Suite, there is accommodation in Ipswich for some or all of the guests. An experienced team of hotel professionals can help you plan your wedding day, taking much of the pressure off while ensuring your wedding is every bit as special and unique as you could hope it would be. Whether you are opting for a traditional or civil ceremony, choosing a hotel in Ipswich ensures perfect surroundings and perfect service.

As well as accommodation in Ipswich, the town’s hotels also offer a range of restaurants. Menus combine traditional British flavours with Europeans tastes. Restaurants are open to the public weekdays and weekends. Meat, fish, vegetables and other produce are locally sourced wherever possible and the majority of the food is made in house – no hastily reheated Brakes Brothers food here. Once again, the location of Ipswich on the Suffolk coast helps. There are an abundance of local farms and other producers, who can keep the hotels in Ipswich well stocked with fresh meat, fruit, eggs, fish, vegetables and other produce. Thurston Dairies Suffolk keeps the hotels supplied with all manner of dairy-based desserts, including sorbets, ice creams and a range of local cheeses. Specially tailored menu options are available for those with special dietary needs, including vegetarians, vegans and those with a gluten intolerance.

Hotels in Ipswich are also able to offer a variety of other events. Throughout December, there will be a range of Christmas-themed events, including discos and dinners. Hotels will be boasting three course Christmas dinners throughout the month, mixing seasonal foods such as butternut squash and roasted mushrooms with the traditional Christmas dishes we’ve all come to expect; roast turkey with all the trimmings, followed by Christmas pudding. Again, ask if your hotel in Ipswich offers alternative menus for those with special dietary requirements. The very best will. Later in the evenings, there will be discos for the more adventurous. These late night parties are ideal for office parties and other seasonal get togethers.

Ipswich is perfectly located for conferences and meetings. Situated just off the A14, the town is easily accessible from a number of major towns including Colchester, Cambridge, Norwich and London. Accommodation in Ipswich is available for those who will be staying over.

When next looking for an interesting place to stay, consider hotels in Ipswich. Not only do they have a wide set of amenities, but they are situated in one of the most beautiful towns in Suffolk. With easy access from a number of major hubs, booking accommodation in Ipswich is convenient as well as desirable.