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Business labels that have been domed are in high demand. Domed labels really are a great way to distinguish your brand from the competition, enhance your image, and give your logo or artwork a much more up-scale, captivating look. Domed business labels are more than just standard domed stickers that are long lasting and attractive. Business labels that are domed provide the low cost, high quality impression a business brand or graphic requires in order to communicate high quality and durability. Hoardings UK Domed business labels are suitable for interior as well as exterior applications. Is your own company searching for a more robust labeling solution? Custom label printing for water-resistant and weather resistant labels, or embossed labels can be used for a great number of purposes. Domed labels are durable, weather protected, thick, clear polyurethane domes on a full-color label. They are resistant to physical damages, and are UV resistant so they're not going to lose color or yellow when used outside or subjected to the sun. Good label manufacturers include coatings and surface finishes which are resistant to solvents, harsh chemicals, humidity, and salt spray. Your custom business labels should be manufactured RoHS compliant.