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The availability of cellphones has increased to a new degree of precision and technological finesse. iPhone Application Development These modern ranges of smartphone facilities have brought about a revolutionary change in how mobile phones were used a decade ago. The modern phones just like the Android phones or the iPhone devices are unrestricted having an amazing number of applications.

Common to any or all phones with either android or iPhone technology you can find facilities and apps like camera, video recording, chat and internet browsing, video conferencing and social network. These are facilitated by Wi-Fi and 3g connectivity. Android App Development The software which includes an operating system, a middleware and key applications are all the only property of Android Inc. there exists a common usage of the operating systems that's centered on 6 Kernel. There was a subsequent modified version that was released as well. The company maintains a pool of developers for its further innovations and maintenance of the present range of phone users.

It has a total of 200, 000 applications or more to its credit. There is certainly the clear presence of the Android Open Source Project that allows contributions and new app developments from across various sources. These applications are all available through their online stores for downloading and usage.

iPhone App Development

There exists a vast scale of innovated features and functions which can be found through iPhone 4 version. This phone from Apple Inc has several attractive features which make it one of the best choices in modern phones. And also to facilitate the plethora of applications that are available on the website for the users Apple allows alternative party contributions alongside its own developments of the same.