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Buy Gold Bullion coins - A way To purchase Gold

Gold Coins During these gloomy economic times, more folk are considering gold like a safer asset class than stocks and mutual funds. Investing a portion of a balanced portfolio in gold and silver could behave as a hedge against inflation. Gold and silver are normally less prone to the same gyrations because the bond and stock markets. Typically, gold is not correlated to the stockmarket or even the bondmarket. A portfolio of gold coins might add stability and value for your portfolio.

One of the best ways for small investors to invest in gold is by using gold coins. Coins tend to be more often than not worth more compared to gold bullion bars. This is With a purity of .99999. it is 3 cm thick, 50 cm in diameter. It was a promotional showpiece to advertise the R.C.M.'s new line of .99999 pure 1 troy oz gold Maple Leaf bullion coins.