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Study App - Flash cards have for ages been touted by leading educational researchers since the fastest and easiest way to learn and remember new information. Flash cards provide you with only the information that you need learn at that exact moment in time, allowing your brain to target precisely on the card before you.

A main reason why study guides and books are ineffective is because there is just too many details being delivered. Research indicates that in order for something to become learned effectively and saved in long term memory, you need to develop new temporary memories that will eventually consolidate into your long term memory.

Children learn best with flash cards. For this reason you see so many companies for example Baby Einstein and Dr. Seuss producing them. But, they could be bent, ripped, chewed on, and lost. And, they're expensive.

flashcards mobile - Apple's iPhone and iPod Touch are two new cellular devices that support applications for example flash cards. Adults and children alike are able to obtain a flash card application and start learning the material immediately. There are various flash card decks available with respect to the interest of the child. Children could decide among fruits and vegetables to musical instruments to learn about. The iPhone and iPod Touch are portable as well as the flashcards are affordebly priced. Imagine needing to purchase these decks with a bookstore. You would easily pay $10 per deck of flashcards. The great thing about the iPhone and itouch applications are that they are updated automatically. Of them costing only 99 cents per deck of approximately 40 cards, your child will have a great time learning in a very affordable price.

free flash card app - Next time you're on a journey or standing in line using a toddler or child, hand them your iPhone or ipod itouch and watch them learn new things. The photographs are beautiful and you also as the parent reach choose the settings - randomize it for more variety or just overlook it in alphabetical order. Turn on or turn off the voice and hang the timer for a longer period if desired. Let your child focus on the items that you would like them to learn without any other distractions.