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Booking Jewish Comedy - Jewish films is a large category that includes a few main sub-categories as Holocaust and Israeli films. Jewish movies relate to films that cope with a wide range of issues and aspects which are associated with Jewish tradition, Jewish background and Jewish experience as a whole. This category includes different genres for example documentary, films, comedy, historic films, Holocaust films etc.

The diversity of Jewish films are enormous, this diversity enables the viewer to have a glance in to the culture and history from the Jew Jewish life however it is first and foremost a satisfying cinematic experience. Also, sometimes movies are classified as "Jewish" if either the film make, director, cast of the film: are Jewish. However, it is better to define Jewish films as movies that examine one of many Jewish aspects very clearly.

Booking Corporate Comedy - A good example to get a Jewish film that demonstrates these may be the movie, Trembling before God, a united states doco from 2001. This film follows gay Jews who result from Orthodox families for a period of couple of years.

This extraordinary movie deals with homosexuality and its clash with Jewish religious life. Trembling before God reveals the dilemma for being religious and being must abide to the "Halacha" (Jewish law) that forbids and prohibits homosexual relationship.

It exposes us to complex people, some are still in the closet (in the film you can see just the silhouettes) and some live openly accept their sexuality and still choose, despite the establishment rejection, to lead a non secular way of life. The movie includes surprising interviews with psychologists and other rabbis regarding the religious establishment towards homosexuality.

Booking Female Comedy - Trembling before God took part in many film festivals and received ten awards nominations winning seven out of the ten. The film was filmed with quite simple and basic equipment and eventually transferred to 35mm film.