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Google Hosting

Did you know that you can get your website hosted with something called Google hosting? I had never heard about it until recently and I decided to check it out. So what are the pros and cons with Google hosting? Keep reading this article to find out.


Your website is actually hosted at Google, which should give you a few perks regarding SEO and being crawled or indexed by the search engines faster than sites hosted at other hosting companies. You get website tools that allow you to create the website without knowing much or any HTML or web programming of any kind.

Just set it up and start designing your website. By using Google hosting you don't have to worry about anything like messy FTP's or anything like that, it's all stored on Google for you, at no cost!

Also, Google being the top most used search engine in the world, people shouldn't have too much trouble finding your sites since they would probably rank their own sites higher than others, don't you think? I don't actually have proof of this but it wouldn't surprise me.


You don't get all the other benefits you get with a normal hosting company. For instance you're not allowed to code your own stuff using PHP or ASP.NET, you can't install WordPress blogs or Joomla! sites or any other 1-click features that I am used to in regular shared hosting.

I also found it hard to connect it to my URL of choice, seems like I was not allowed to, but that can be because I was a little lazy and didn't really look it up properly. I also missed the cPanel administrational tool as a webmaster. Here you have some tools like page creator but still, you miss out on a lot of stuff here, on the other hand, it's free.

So to sum up my article on Google Hosting I must say that as a free alternative in website hosting, I say it's pretty much ok, but I still missed the cPanel functionality for creating the WordPress/Joomla sites, tools for setting up email accounts, SEO and other things. But I guess that you will get used to this tool pretty fast too, just like you do with other CMS like WP or Joomla!, I mean, this is also free and the others you have to pay for.