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Today, cell phones do a lot more than just make calls. Aside from the more familiar features like text messaging and web browsing, many phones have other options you may be interested in. If you do a lot of traveling you might find the GPS feature that provide cheap cell phonesservices like traffic information, local weather reports, and turn by turn directions, to be extremely attractive. Many people like having GPS on their cell phones so it can travel everywhere their cell phones do. If this is something that you want, you have to find out which phones and providers in your area offer it.

When you get down to it, finding the right cell phone plan is simply a matter of identifying the features you want most from your cell phone and matching cheap cell phones them with the companies that offer them as well as the amount of talk time you need. Keep the above factors in mind when choosing your cell phone plan, and remember, cell phone companies tempt you with all kinds of options, but nothing is free, so stick with features you'll be actually using.