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Auping - During the last 15 years, mattresses are already made 45percent thicker and almost 50percent heavier than ever before. This means that the necessity to properly offer the mattress has become even greater. In reality, improper support may be the main cause of mattress failure. Because of this, mattress manufacturers are now invalidating their warranties in the event the mattress isn't properly supported.

There are several goods that can be used to support a mattress.

bed - Beneath the mattress, there is commonly a box spring, the industry wooden frame covered by cloth. It is almost always supported by a bedframe.

A bed frame is made of strong wood or metal and includes head, foot and side rails, as well as legs to carry it above the floor. The bedframe provides a brace for that box spring, and together, they offer the mattress. Since older bed frames cannot always support heavier mattresses, heavy duty bed frames are now being produced from railroad steel.

A wooden bed takes a different product-a bed support-sometimes termed as a center support. A bed support can be a pair of metal bars with legs which are installed into wooden beds to support a mattress and box spring. A great bed support will provide support set up bed is moved sideways. The strongest bed supports-for example, the BedBeamTM supports-are designed to safely hold over 1600 lbs of weight.

boxspring - For consumers with wooden beds, a solid bed support could mean they can buy one from the new, heavier mattresses and never have to replace the entire bed. The bed's wooden slats have a tendency to bend or break and damage the mattress. However, a solid bed support may be installed to exchange the slats and thus protect the mattress warranty. Installation of the center support shouldn't be too complicated; one screwdriver must do the trick.