How To Make A Residence-Produced Mother's Day Card

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Simple Photo Card

We all have them, photos of our youngsters. Nicely grab some construction paper mifare card sdk or card stock, a photo and some glue and make this adorable tiny card.

You will need to have

construction paper or card stock





sheer ribbon

What you do

Fold paper or card stock in half to create a card. Have your child write their greeting inside the card 1st.

Cut photo out in a heart shape. Glue photo to the front of the card, center it and place it high adequate mifare card to allow space for the bow at the bottom.

Lay down some newspaper, wax paper, or other paper and set your card on that to catch excess glitter. Use glue to pipe a thick border about the photo. Sprinkle the glitter generously more than the glue border. Be sure to entirely cover all of the glue. Let it dry about 20 minutes. Whilst the glue is drying, tie your mifare 1k label ribbon into a bow and trim off the long ends. Once the glue is dry, very carefully lift the card up and tap off all excess glitter. Location a dab of glue onto the back of the ribbon and adhere to the card under your photo. Let it dry entirely just before undertaking something else with it. You can add or take away any of the items listed to make it much more personal. Have entertaining with it! Mom will enjoy it forever!

Generating homemade cards are entertaining and effortless. You can use practically anything you have at house. You can take the formula from above but make a few changes like take fabric and paste it to the card stock to add a decorative look to it then add all the other issues on top rated, with a photo or a drawing. Use your imagination, let it run wild.