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A Parent's Spiritual Playbook for Winning the War on Teen Drug }

A really concerned mother recently wrote to us because she had found that her 17 year-old son was smoking pot. She was concerned about addiction } asked us } would do in her situation to simply help him realize the spiritual as well as other consequences of his choices. Although we intuitively felt that her son did not are having issues, seemingly innocuous experimentation can certainly cause a destructive habit or addiction. Even with all the current efforts by schools } parents to teach teenagers in regards to the dangers of drugs, most teens will attempt them anyway. Ordering a teenager to prevent do drugs, needless to say, will likely only make all of them want to test them more. It could greatly benefit teens } their mentors were alert to } explained the spiritual negative effects of drug } extortionate alcohol }. We genuinely believe that once you completely understand the spiritual complications involving drug } alcohol abuse, } easier to state no thanks, each and every time. Having seen firsthand the toxic, life-wrecking spiritual unwanted effects of drugs on individuals for decades through our work, 36 months ago, whenever a party host placed a tray of cocaine facing Stephen, despite the fact that he'd had several drinks } his guard was down notably, it had been still possible for him to decline the offer. In reality, because he could be so conscious of the harsh spiritual consequences of cocaine, the drugs looked about attracting him } pile of dog crap. We strongly suspect that cocaine, crystal meth, along with other drugs are favored tools } dark side, their } encouraged to breakdown, get a grip on, manipulate } destroy people. Even one nights mind- altering substances could make } hell } future challenge. Imagine volunteering to transport around a hidden, 40 pound gargoyle in your straight back for decades. It constantly berates you, skews your judgment, weakens your stamina, enables you to paranoid--your life becomes an uphill battle } challenges are slow } magnified. And that is just the start of your road-trip in to purgatory. The message is pretty simple: beyond experimentation in senior school } college, drug } is only going to cause major issues. If you wish to function as most readily useful you may be, } room for just about any drug } or excess alcohol consumption. Initially, drugs might seem to improve creativity, awareness, } fun, but recovering addicts realize it had been all a lie. For each and every artificial high, there is certainly the same, devastating low, side-tracking you from your own life's mission. Afraid your child won't believe you? Go to a drug rehabilitation clinic } let them see for themselves what drugs can perform to people. Explore Youtube for videos showcasing the dangers of drugs or addiction watching them along with your teen. Then speak about everything you witnessed and get when they know anyone headed } same perilous direction. } teenagers could see what we've seen, they might observe that using any drug even onetime can block intuition for a long period } attract lost souls } spiritual parasites, which could encourage anger, depression, despair, } denial. Other effects include mistaking the mental poison of lost souls } spiritual parasites for yours, suicidal thoughts, a powerful wish to have more drug }, } worse. Through our use Spiritual Detoxification we now have discovered that most regular drug users, addicts, } heavy drinkers harbor from the few } whole army of lost souls, a lot of whom were addicts before they died, } gravitated } host who does feed their addiction. An aside, you can identify potential alcohol } drug issues (addictive personality, and so on.) through comprehensive handwriting analysis, } astrology } numerology, which will help parents spot indicators before a critical problem developed. Help the teens in your lifetime concentrate on their long-term goals, } do all you can to simply help them realize how drug } might destroy them. Should they want a getaway } pressures to be at that tumultuous age, encourage alternatives, like a simple } regular meditation, which may be precisely what they have to help them remain on track } reach their full potential. Copyright ? Scott Petullo, Stephen Petullo.