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Contact: Simon Shannon Joelocal Pty. Ltd 1800 868 305 joe@joelocal.com.au http://www.joelocal.com.au Sydney, NSW - The new and exciting Joe Local Brand will Launch the first of its Locksmith Tier 1 Home Pages later this month. Locksmiths who are looking to increase their online traffic and inquiries are urged to take up this new and exciting offer, starting on the 1/3/2012. Keywords relevant to painting, such as “24-Hour Locksmith”, “ locksmith orchard hills ”, “24-Hour Locksmith Sydney” and “ locksmith rushcutters bay ” are expected to be made more relevant as a direct result of this announcement “Joe Local is proud to be at the forefront of this fundamental change” Says Simon Shannon, creative director of Joe Local at a press conference last night. “At present the web is becoming too cluttered with search terms that don’t specifically relate to what the user intended” According to Mr Shannon, the lack of specific search results has been infuriating the average web user for years, but all of this is set to change “Being a Locksmith in Sydney will be changed forever. At least for those Locksmiths who make the wise decision of listing with Joe Local. We will give them direct, instant access to keywords that affect them. A truly revolutionary concept” Availability for the new Joe Local Locksmith site is available, but only for a limited time. If the Joe Local market forecasts are to be believed, the spots for this initiative will be highly sought after simply due to their amazing value for money. “New, exciting, revolutionary. That’s what the Joe Local experience is set to become” To qualify for this listing, Locksmiths must prove that they can perform adequate locksmith standards suitable for residential and commercial applications, as well as having proper insurances including public liability and workers compensation. Memberships to industry association would be preferred. For more information please contact Joe Local directly on 1300 868 604