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Easter 2012 falls on April 8th this season, so that it positively isn't light years away. The majority of us are longing for a pleasant sunny bank holiday weekend. But let's face it. Whenever Easter rolls around, it seems to revolve around the kids, right? And the concept of getting Easter gifts for adults can, at times, seem ridiculous.

But why shouldn't grown-ups have the ability to enjoy getting easter giftstoo? If you're seeking some unusual Easter gift suggestions for adults, then you're in luck.

So , without further ado, here are five fab easter toys you can get your mitts on today - gift ideas you might just not have heard about before...

Personalised Wine Spirits Gift Pack

Who said you must say easter bunny costume? For those who have a tipple, say it with wine alternatively. These gift sets are perfect for treating some body in luxurious style and there are oodles available. Presented in a gorgeous silk-lined gift box, you may get packs containing a bottle of their favourite tipple along with engraved glasses, sumptuous chocolates, a genuine newspaper, or a red velvet rose. And the most readily useful bit? You can personalise the label of the wine bottle with any name along with a thoughtful message. Easter ideas like these are, let's face it, perfect for folks with a taste for the finer things in life.