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Dr Oz: Appetite Suppressant Kills Hunger

Dr Oz did a show on Belly Blasting Supplements, but how do you keep yourself from putting on weight around your midsection to begin with If you feel hungry all the time, there’s hope for you! On today’s show, Dr Oz told you about saffron extract, the miracle appetite suppressant to kill your hunger. Saffron extract gives you the ability to say no to all those favorite goodies without the struggle. (Wow! That really is a miracle!) Surprisingly, Doctor Oz admitted to never even hearing of this product. Dr Oz: Emotional Eating

You’ve had a tough day and feel overwhelmed.

Saffron Extract Reviews

Dr. oz Saffron Extract suppresses your appetite.

You immediately reach for food and begin emotional eating, which packs on the pounds. Emotional eating stems from low levels of serotonin, which also triggers depression and anxiety.

When you eat carbs, you turn on a pleasure sensation inside your brain. When you take saffron extract, it does the exact same thing, but without the short-term hit like carbs. This no calorie substitute keeps you from wanting to eat the food, but it still makes the brain feel food. Unlike carbs, saffron won’t add on the weight. Look for a special blend of satiereal. Take 88 mg 2x per day.

Dr Oz: Satiereal Saffron Extract Review

Martha and Devon are 2 self-proclaimed emotional eaters. Dr Oz gave the supplement to the women over the weekend. Did it curb their appetite

Martha told Dr Oz that her emotions drive her eating. She gets mad at the kids and wanted to eat. (Tell me about it!) When she took the saffron over the weekend, she didn’t get the craving or the urge. The real test was her nephew’s birthday party over the weekend. Martha told Doctor Oz that she only had a small piece of cake and felt satisfied.

Devon told Dr Oz that on a scale of 1-10, her hunger was a 10 or 11. She ate whenever and wherever. When she took the saffron extract, she noticed a decrease in hunger intensity. Now, her hunger is a 7. (I guess that’s better, but can I get a -2)

Then came the real test. Dr Oz weighed both women. In three days, Martha lost 3 lbs. Devon lost even more—In the three days since taking saffron extract, she lost 5 lbs. Dr Oz did not endorse any particular product, but one that I found that seems to have great reviews is this one: Saffron Extract with Satiereal. Hope that helps since so many of you seem to be looking for where to buy Saffron Extract!