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Social Bookmark - Social book marking sites are way totally different from social networking site. However, you may make better use of these two facilities to promote your product or service. Social networking sites also offer you a chance to share your link with your friends. However, it won't indexes your website, nor it circulates your website randomly for people interested in similar content as presented in your website. By submitting your website in the lists of social bookmarking site, you make it easy for these book marking sites to circulate your website to random users who've similar interests because you have. In some ways, social bookmarking sites end up being a better tool for online marketers while they can make better utilization of social networking sites in some other situations.

There are lots of social bookmarking sites which are gathering popularity nowadays. Delicious was the very first website that coined the phrase social bookmarking sites. Other popular bookmarking sites are Stumble Upon and Digg. Bookmarking sites are certainly a successful way to attain proper backlink by which you can attain high visitors to your website. By attaining a greater rank in the listing of social bookmarking sites, you can attain higher page ranking on search engines. This can further increase the potential of the website to attract huge traffic. Such targeted prospects also contains potential buyers and clients thus online bookmarking can prove to be a highly effective boon for your web business activities.

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