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8 Technologies Every Small company Needs: From the VoIP Broadband Phone to Portable Projectors

Technology is always changing. More than that, it certainly is changing the way in which people work with each other. Smaller businesses need to stay up on these changes in order to outmaneuver competition and stay in the loop. Here are the very best 8 technological items every small company needs.

1. Smartphones: The web is arguably the greatest revolution because the printing press. Smartphones would be the easiest way to gain access to the web at any time. Plus, smartphones provide SMS messages, calling capabilities and tons of other tools that professionals could make use of.

2. Laptops: Personal computers are great, but when you have to take a business travel you cannot make do with only your smartphone. These days, laptops weigh around five pounds, and there will also be smaller options, netbooks, that weigh half that. But be cautious, longer battery life, screen size, and power and computing capability are that which you sacrifice if you select a netbook instead of a notebook.

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3. Tablets: The iPad is simply one. Apps galore along with a camera model can make the second generation better still compared to first. Dell has one along with other companies will quickly release other tablets. Tablets are a great solution? or addition? towards the dilemma of netbook or notebook.

4. VoIP Broadband Phone: VoIP providers allow smaller businesses to put international requires pennies. Additionally they allow teleconferencing, and friends and partners to put national calls as ordinary numbers by switching area codes.

5. Web Designer: Nowadays it's essential to come with an online presence. Which means a website, facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, along with a host of other online marketing solutions if you want to have the ability to be found easily on the Search. SEO can be outsourced or in-housed to deal with your marketing needs.

6. IT services: Setting up and looking after all of this technology can be tricky. It helps to have someone within the company who can solve your online problems. Or else you at least want to have the availability of the support service you can call or live chat.

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7. Dropbox: This file sharing service allows you to store as much as 2GB of documents and folders free of charge. After that you can buy more. It makes Flash drives obsolete.

8. iGo: This portable projector makes video presentations a cinch. Just hook up watching the 16:9 resolution filter onto a 70" area.

Ultimately, you need to utilize these technologies to improve sales. If you don't think that these technological aspects will bring you new customers, it might not yet the perfect to purchase them. In either case, it's good to understand about the valuable changes and technologies affecting the corporate world.