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Farm supplies

Farm supplies and agricultural products and services covers a vast area; livestock feed, agricultural machinery, contractors, pesticides, precast concrete, farm buildings....the list could go on! Businesses in this field have been through a tremendous amount of change throughout the last few decades.

As new technology has been introduced to the agricultural market, the range of products and services has grown dramatically. Not only this, how these businesses market many and services, and connect to farmers has changed dramatically, particularly during the last ten years. Agriculture generally speaking has been somewhat slower than some other industries to take up the internet and all it's possibilities. As the younger generation of farmers come through, this really is rapidly changing. Rural supplies companies have learned to pickup on this trend which has lead to a growing number of firms getting online. While having a website is important, the total possibilities of web based marketing and advertising are a long way off being utilised.

As more and more farmers move online; whether it is through Facebook, forums, simple Google searches; blogs etc. firms need to be involved in this digital marketplace in order to capture their audience. The traditional methods of magazine and newspaper advertising is rapidly being replaced by online directories and news suppliers. A lengthy with this suppliers are starting to realise the benefits of a properly presented and optimised website. Furthermore this offer incumbent suppliers an excellent opportunity, it also provides the opportunity for new companies ahead into the market place even though the initial 'land grab' of the digital agricultural market occurs.

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