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Lace shoes and boots from Victorian style to the sexy female teacher modeling, tie shoes will be popular for some time. Shoes high-heeled ride loops shoes deformation take the loop from the last year, became popular, it is a combination of sweet wind of the campus and mature sexy wind. However, the style at the time most of the rounded lines of the patent leather produced by the feminization of the round shoes. Take the loop of the new season shoes do something to change them with two or even three Tao ride loop, color, fabric and more luxurious. In addition, the tip ride loops shoes. No matter how they change, the only requirement of the designer shoes of the ride loop, it must be enough overhangs. Rare leather, alligator, crocodile, lizard and python. Reptile skins is one of the main trend of the new season footwear. Rare leather gives exotic feeling and a sense of luxury. Designers this season are the most classic way to present them with red bottom heels made look fine, but without losing the bold. Whether they are leather or imitation leather, in order not to look tacky and low-level, the key is the quality of these shoes. Tassels and folk wind folk wind is one of the important themes of the season. Fringed boots is the best embodiment. In addition, the use of studs and embossed leather heavier hand sense of the footwear and bohemian. Fringed knee-high boots can make light legs or wearing tights legs look very sexy. Their mature shape to bring a hint of street sense, can be well with your daily casual attire. Heel stiletto stiletto resurgence. This does not mean they have disappeared, but this time, they re-occupy the T station, the end of the rough with the revolution. There is little new meaning, that is a combination of thick soles and stiletto - the forefoot part of the shoes hidden in a thick crust, the latter half of the branch of ultra-high ultra-fine the heel. Stiletto shape is smooth, elegant and sexy. With the higher look more charming - of course, they do not provide much support force for your feet. However, when looking at these beautiful shoes, many people are brain empty, simply can not remember what the issue of ergonomics.