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Guild Wars 2 GuideHow did you know a very good Guild Wars 2 Guide and do you EVEN Require a Guild Wars 2 Guide Let’s commence piece of article with some more common sense. No, you don’t absolutely need a Guild Wars 2 Advice to play Guild Wars Two. You could play the game perfectly fine without a Guide. You can also Grind, Suck and Be Poor at Guild Wars two without a guide. And that’s exactly whats going to happen. See, I am certainly not about to bulls**t you. You're going to need a Guild Wars 2 Guide if you would like like Guild Wars 2. Guild Wars Two, like any other MMORPG is difficult and complex. It includes its own laws, its own world. Heck, which is why we get! Except it is also designed particularly prosperous an item very good: Tease you and beat you down as you try to reach high-end content. Guild Wars 2 Developers expect anyone to spend 5 hours/day just to level up again. They want yo to complete an identical stuff over and over again to abtain the useful part. Grasp scr*w them! We want to play Guild Wars 2, we wish to purchase some awesome items and level up quickly, and first and foremost, we wish to have god damned fun! Am I right Needless to say I'm, and they are you if you are contemplating landing a Guild Wars 2 Guide. Absolutely any Guild Wars 2 Guide costs pocket change. Let’s say a Guild Wars 2 Guide costs 40 Bucks. So what! You might already paid on the experience, right You will likely end up paying for gold, you’ll probably finish up paying for items. As quick as anything, you’ve spent 100 bucks and you’re still level 20! Occur!