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Once you've done the investigation and decided that investing in a fitness business franchise comparison could be the right business window of opportunity for you, the next step is selecting a franchise. But with so many franchises for sale in so many different industries, how can you narrow down the choice? First, think about your personal interests. No body desires to run a fitness franchising that he finds uninteresting. For example , if you hate math and crunching numbers, an accounting franchise probably isn't your absolute best bet. Alternatively search for businesses that you think would be fun to handle.

One such type of compare fitness business franchise opportunitiesis really a fitness center. The American fitness craze is unquestionably here to stay. With $14. 8 billion in revenue reported in 2004 and 41. 3 million registered fitness center members at the time of January 2005, this industry offers franchisees the chance to get a slice of a very big pie. If you, like so many other Americans, are a happy passenger on the fitness bandwagon, a gym franchise might be the perfect business venture for you.