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The trick of this Delonghi EC155 coffee machine is on the portafilter that includes a little plastic know. This knob will produce backpressure to provide emulsification opportunity so the crèma which plays essential role in producing great quality of espresso will be developed. The portafilter itself will come in two baskets. The initial one is for the fround espresso as the second one is for ESE pods. Since people have different preference with their espresso, two different portafilter provide two kinds of espresso making process. The Sempre Crema Filter allows you to brew with your favorite ground espresso beans, as the ESE pods adding more convenience in the espresso making process with no-grinding, dosing, or tamping needed ability.

Delonghi EC155 review espresso maker also has strong basic features and may produce high quality of espresso. It features a 15 bar self-priming pump, a stainless 1, 000-watt heating unit and a mounted frothing wand to steam milk easily. The frothing attachment helps you to steam and froth milk easily; this implies making cappuccino and latte won't be a problem. With this frothing attachment, Delonghi EC155 you can also utilize this espresso machine to apply on your ability to create various types of cafe-styled coffee beverages.