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The Fastest Google-Yahoo-Bing-Aol Indexing Around

I’m sure alot of you here have heard of Topix forum.Topix forum is nice because you go to which ever forum you want and post with no registration.I’ve been using Topix for over 7 years now to do different advertising.If you have an old or new site,you can get indexed in google really quick for whatever niche you want.You can put your site in as hyperlink which is fine but it is no follow I believe.Once you post to the forum,your post with your link will be in google search results within 2 minutes to an hour,depends.In most cases its 10 minutes.You can also mass ping the main page of the forum you picked to get indexed even faster.After you post,click on forums and polls and mass ping that page.You can ping everyday. Now getting traffic to this will involve the skill of somebody who is good at writing articles.If you have had great success with artcles,you will see lots of traffic on Topix.When posting use your chosen keywords in your title and description.You can help make your post more popular by using proxies to add posts to your forum post.If you play your cards right,you can get on the first page of google.

Just remember,make your post something that people want to read and use your link as the resource for that info.You will see no traffic just spamming your link.