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As this is the restart with the series, reconnecting with the characters is crucial. If you are among those those who are still watching the first series, try not to look at this review. When the story begins, Sasuke in addition to Orochimaru and Naruto has been undergoing training for the two and half years.

The series starts off with the return from the Naruto and his reunion with his friends. Simultaneously, two people in the group that is after the tailed demons are ideal Garra and are in the village of sand.

Shippuden - The main characteristic of this arc may be the intensity of the battle inside it. This will definitely keep your action fans satisfied. The story revolves around Naruto, who is as part of his new maturity level and also other characters.

Sakura shows great advancement with the training under the training of Lady Tsunade. The most interesting part of the story will be the segment where Kakashi tests Naruto and Sakura.

The action is starting a little too early according to most of the fans. There must have added a little more of Naruto's reunion with the friends. However, it really is great with the supporting cast including the team guy along with other friends from Sand Village.

Many interesting situations are set up for the later section of the series. There are many great revelations in the series that even include the group after the tailed demons, Akatsuki. The viewers get acquainted with the aim of the group and also the extreme techniques they may be using to reach their goal. We'll also get to see the whole group together the very first time.

The time spend on some important areas are inadequate for the many audiences. The action of the series score high on the charts. Irrelevant portions are dragged a touch too much. However, in total, all the action fans will be extremely satisfied with the series.