Eureka Steam Mop Analysis

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Eureka steam mop also known as Eureka floor steamer was designed for use on whole array of surfaces including marble, ceramic tiles, wood, laminate, vinyl sheets and tiles also as other sealed surfaces such is linoleum. This smooth steamer mop efficiently and fast sanitize floor surfaces.

Since this items promises a long and trustworthy service and given that it has lots of positive reviews on line, let's examine where it comes from to give it this level of pedigree.

Eureka Company was founded by Fred Wardell over a hundred yrs ago. As the name suggests, Fred had a gut feeling that this firm will make innovative products. As a proof of being a pioneering company, Eureka was also known to be an environmentally conscious producer who as far back as 1948 had a vacuum cleaner proudly displaying energy star rating. Today, Eureka is a brand within the larger mother business of Electrolux growing and manufacturing vacuum cleaners and other home and commercial goods.

Their latest item that had proven to be a hit with buyers is Eureka steam mop. It needs no cleaning goods and employs the power of steam to neat through tough greasy and dirty surfaces sanitizing at very much the same time. Using the heat and moisture generated from the steam, it achieves a high degree of decreasing and hygiene on floor surfaces. This makes it ecological at very much the same time.

This floor steamer prevents calcium deposits to build-up on the heater unit making it great for utilize with a common tap water. It has a large 12 and a half inch cleaning head that can be manoeuvred effortlessly in the corners and at the same time reach tough to reach places.

Its hygienic properties are prominent given that this Eureka's [steam mop reviews kills dust mites too as the dangerous types of bacteria such are e-coli and salmonella. This makes it an amazing house cleaning machine if you've a baby or small children running around.

Another winning characteristic of this house cleaner is that it just weighs little over 5 pounds (2.5kg) when the water tank is empty which eliminates the need to lug around a heavy mops and buckets or a wet vacuüm cleaner.

To keep your Eureka floor steamer in a tip best condition, it's highly recommended to rinse the water tanks once each and every month which will prevent the calcium deposits from building up especially in the areas with difficult water. Do this by filling it with water half way, replace the cap, shake it to loosen any deposits and after that empty the water out.

To get most beneficial cleaning results and if you want to completely disinfect the floor, keep the Eureka steam mop over the area for a minimum of 9 seconds. This will make sure that your floor is free from dirt, grease and much more importantly harmful bacteria.

Right here are several more facts and numbers about this well-known steam mop:

- it utilizes six and a half amps of power

- it has and adjustable height handle and a simple on/off switch with the indicator light for water level

- It comes with two cloth steam pads, a funnel and a measuring glass

- it measures 7 x 12.5 by 49 in . and carries 12 months guarantee

- and for safety it characteristics a preheating/cool-down tray and a heavy-duty cloth clip.