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Congratulations to all of you who are reading this article! Having been an employee in fashion magazines for some time, I was excited on the prospect of getting a new wardrobe when I found out I was pregnant. Unfortunately, finding maternity fashion I liked wasn't easy at all. Put together with the challenge of finding affordable maternity clothes, I thought I'd either have to wear an outfit that looked like a big tent or resort to wearing tops halfway up my big belly! Australian women are simply as stylish since the women in Europe but our options here seem so much more limited. So, here's a few style tips that will keep you looking and feeling cool in summer and where to shop for stylish maternity clothing that does not cost a year's worth of nappies!

Hiding your belly when you're not yet ready to tell the world

I found that this was obviously a major issue, especially at work as there was this fear that soon everyone would observe that either I'd been enjoying my food too much recently or that I'd indeed started growing a bump. And, you wouldn't want your employer to start making plans for the future which do not include you. Furthermore, i found that I wasn't keen to let everyone know that I had been pregnant until I'd had the BIG 12 week scan as I'd made the error of telling several people early before and then miscarried.

So, at this stage, I'd definitely recommend dresses with empire lines in floaty, cotton fabrics which don't cling to your shape so jersey fabrics are certainly out at this point in time. Tunic-style or A-line style dresses are also good although via a normally your style, you will most probably have friends/colleagues wondering "Is she or isn't she...?". In terms of tops, I found I had a few non-fitted shirts that have been perfect for this period - shirts using a print are even better as they tend to distract a person's eye. Bottoms are the difficult bit, specifically for second pregnancies onwards while you tend to show much earlier. However, you can get away with starting to wear maternity jeans or pants should you wear longer tops which cover up the belly band. Similarly, with maternity skirts.

It is time to celebrate and show off your bump!

There still is apparently so much maternity clothing on the market which does pregnant women a disservice. After approximately 3-4 months, you need to show off your voluptuous curves, not to hide under a big sack. Maternity T-shirt dresses and empire line dresses especially, hug your bust area to provide you with shape. Empire line dresses are so fashionable at the moment, you could wear them even when you're no longer pregnant, stretching your dollars even further.

Summer maternity clothes

Australian summers are really hot and buying maternity clothes online in the northern hemisphere just doesn't work as their seasons are the opposite of ours. Regardless of the heat, wearing strapless maternity dresses with ruching on the sides or T-shirt dresses. There are some great maternity dress styles out there at the moment for women that are pregnant such as a halter neck maxi dress which wouldn't keep an eye out place on the catwalk. Also, don't be afraid to show off your legs - you are able to still wear mini skirts and shorts to help keep cool. And when it got too hot, I'd pop on my small maternity swimmers and head to the pool or beach for a swim. I'd definitely recommend buying some maternity swimwear, as some of the stares can make you feel somewhat uncomfortable if you wear your usual bikini. Maternity swimwear that has ruching down the sides enable you to move easily rather than feel constricted across the belly as you get larger. Plus, a vacation during summer australia wide wouldn't be the same without spending lazy days by the pool.

Breathable fabrics including cotton, bamboo and viscose/rayon are the best for maternity wear, specifically in summer. Your body temperature will already be higher while you're pregnant, so these fabrics will help keep you cool. They're all from natural sources plus bamboo gets the added benefit of being "eco-friendly maternity wear". Jersey fabrics permit you to move and grow in comfort and so are great for the 2nd and 3rd trimesters.

Maternity wear it doesn't break the bank: bargain maternity clothes

womens fashion online - Finding cheap maternity clothes around australia was near impossible after i started looking. After all, I was only likely to wear this clothing for at most 9 months, or even longer if I was to have another child (concurrently of year again). Furthermore, i wasn't a pregnant celebrity for whom price was no object. I think this is how most women feel, yet we still wish to feel gorgeous at this time in our lives even as indeed should. So, I looked around for maternity sales store but found it was for that wrong season - the growing season just gone! This wasn't likely to help at all. I also looked for second-hand maternity clothes on eBay but found there was clearly little choice there and was returning to square one.

My best tip for finding affordable maternity wear australia wide is to look for maternity clothes on the web and do a local Internet search for the words "maternity sale" in order that the clothes match our summer season. Maternity wear shops are usually scattered all over the place and you'll be getting hot and bothered going from shop to shop, trying on clothes. Shop in the comfort of your own home or an internet cafe using a lovely cool drink with you. You'll find some great options show up.